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Venus Deluxe 600 Mirror

Important Notes:

 - Every REMER mirror has the SAA accreditation and is compliant with Australian standards.

 - The LED mirrors come with a 5 year warranty and are copper-free, therefore meaning that there will be no oxidation and the mirror will always stay premium quality, improving the shelf life of the mirror.

 - IP44 Rated, the Power Box is specially designed to significantly reduce the risk of water intrusion.

 - Power box is made out of fire-proof material.

Venus Deluxe 600 Mirror

SKU: R60030
$615.00 Regular Price
$515.00Sale Price

A simple mirror with a stylish and slick design. The R60030 illuminated mirror is a stunning addition that will bring that touch of elegance into any bathroom. The mirror is illuminated by low energy LED lighting, a user friendly touch sensor switch, and also a built in demister pad for a crystal clear mirror even in the most steamy conditions.


1. Copper-free Mirror
2. LED (5050-60P)
3. Demister Pad
4. Touch Sensor Switch
5. Digital Clock
Acrylic Cover Mirror
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