Important Notes:

 - Every REMER mirror has the SAA accreditation and is compliant with Australian standards.

 - The LED mirrors come with a 5 year warranty and are copper-free, therefore meaning that there will be no oxidation and the mirror will always stay premium quality, improving the shelf life of the mirror.

 - IP44 Rated, the Power Box is specially designed to significantly reduce the risk of water intrusion.

 - Power box is made out of fire-proof material.

Ruby II Mirrored Cabinet

SKU: R50004

In designing the Ruby series, Remer have created a mirror cabinet range that is paired back to raw practicality. Nonetheless, having the essentials will not mean compromising on contemporary luxury. The storage cabinet is compromised of glass shelving, grey splashback interior and swipe activated LED lighting encased in aluminium framing.


 - glass mirrored interior

 - steel handle

 - infrared sensor switch

 - copper free mirror

 - LED 6000K

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