Oxira Air Neutraliser

Oxira Air Neutraliser


Developed to provide a safe source of ultraviolet irradiation to help clean your hair. Helps protect yourself and others around you from airborne germs.

As these units are designed to mimic mother-nature, they operate quietly, efficiently and without the use of chemicals.

At a certain frequency, UV is a very effective germicide. It is absorbed by the DNA, killing the cells. Micro-organisms such as viruses, bacteria, yeasts and fungi are destroyed in seconds with UV irradiation. This occurs in mother-nature as well, in the form of sunlight and thunderstorms. The Oxira XG Model utilises a 254nm UVC technology to effectively reduce airborne pathogens, resulting in a reduced rate of transmission of germs amongst people indoors.

The Oxira XG is recomennded for doctor's and dental surgeries, nurses stations, staff rooms and reception areas, aged care residences, child care and other public area.

While ultraviolet occurs naturally from the sun, direct skin exposure can be harmful - which is why the Oxira units are completely sealed and fan-forced. This provides a safe and effective germicidal and odour-reducing solution. The fan runs at a quiet 21dBa, providing a steady stream of airflow through the unit.

Each unit runs off a 12V plug pack to run off Australian mains power. Wall brackets are also available for mounting options.