Important Notes:

 - Every REMER mirror has the SAA accreditation and is compliant with Australian standards.

 - The LED mirrors come with a 5 year warranty and are copper-free, therefore meaning that there will be no oxidation and the mirror will always stay premium quality, improving the shelf life of the mirror.

 - IP44 Rated, the Power Box is specially designed to significantly reduce the risk of water intrusion.

 - Power box is made out of fire-proof material.

Arden 900 Mirror *Runout Model*

SKU: R60031

Frontlit LED mirror, the Arden 900, includes an illuminated border that makes for perfect makeup application and manscaping. It incorporates modern technology in a classic, conventional design that will look good in any home.


 - touch sensetive switch

 - copper free mirror

 -6,000K LED 

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